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Why is Google My Business Important for Your Business?

Why is Google My Business (GMB, previously called Google Places for Business) provides businesses with a great opportunity to be featured in Google results. However, the most appealing aspect of creating the Google My Business list is that it’s absolutely free!

What is a Google My Business Page?

Google My Business allows you to list your business’s location in Google Maps and local search results.

It is possible to display vital details about your company, including opening/closing hours, along with contact information or an address for your website. Recently, Google has also introduced the ability to publish links to articles or forthcoming events. The details will be revealed later.

The listing is free, but it is essential for every business. Consider a Google My Business page if you’re an online business with no physical store.

Improve Your Businesses Local Search Visibility

Setting up an account on your Google My Business listing is one of the most simple and effective methods of enabling your business to be visible online. Most search queries are becoming more geographically specific, and Google’s algorithms were designed to consider the user’s intent.

You’ve likely done a Google or other search in the past, such as”where to eat near me. If so, you’ll see that Google provides three places where you can eat at the location you’re currently at. The three companies listed as a result of your search have a GMB website and are one step away from securing customers.

These eateries needed a GMB page to have appeared. Take this into the perspective of your company and the products or services you might be selling. How can local search benefit your business? What could you be missing without one?

Since Google is constantly changing its algorithm, if you wish to be found on local searches, active Google My Business listing and optimize it regularly.

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How to Optimise Your Google My Business Page

Once you’ve created and created a GMB account for your company, The following step is to check that you’ve optimized it and included all the essential details. Try to put as much information to the GMB listing as much as is possible.

After they have conducted their search and discovered your company within the search results, The next step is to click your company to get additional information, including the contact information and directions.

The ways people search has changed, and the information they search for must be available immediately. If you have an accurate address for your business, it will be easier for customers to find your business. If your business is more complex, people will choose to go elsewhere. It’s that simple.

This is the digital environment in which businesses are now competing, so ensure that your company is taking advantage of how people search online. Don’t limit your ability to gain new customers.

Get Your Description Right

Spend time creating a compelling description for your listing. Try to make the description as specific as possible to make it more useful to the user. The description summarizes the business’s activities, and the keywords relevant to your company can be utilized here. Your GMB description could be as long as 750 characters. However, it’s important to include the most pertinent information within the initial few paragraphs. Including a few keywords that describe your company most effectively is recommended.

Include Posts to Google My Business. Google My Business

You can now draw more attention by adding new posts to the GMB profile. Your posts will appear in Google search results and map results.

To create a new post, you must log into your GMB account and add the post. You can add an image and type at least 300 words or a title for an event and include the start and end date.

There’s also the option to include a call-to-action using a range of buttons, including “Learn More,” ‘Reserve and sign up or buy or Get a deal.’ 

The option to post allows you to promote events, share content, highlight your services or products, and highlight when you’re running special deals. The posts will last for seven days, after which it is time to change them to a new post. Google will send you an email reminder to replace it.

The Innovation Visual GMB page screenshot shows how we used the post feature to advertise the Google Retail & Shopping Livestream event. It is evident that precise dates and times are displayed, along with an easy call-to-action to sign-up.

If you’ve already created Google My Business but haven’t yet utilized the feature for posting, then it’s likely that you’ve learned enough to take a shot.

Keep in mind your posts since it is apparent that Google posts are deleted within seven days of publishing them, so you’ll be required to make them up-to-date weekly. Events can be posted for longer periods and expire on the date of the event, which is helpful.

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Upload up to 10 photos or videos to GMB posts

From February 20, 2020, you can now upload up to 10 images and videos on Google posts. You can add more value to your content and differentiate it from your competition. Videos and images can create a narrative, and the capability to add multiple photos will certainly aid e-commerce stores since it allows you to add numerous images of the products.

Add Images regularly

There may be other essential images, such as the exterior or interior of your business and your logo and team, but you can continue. Make sure to upload as many photos as you can. This will prove to Google you’re involved and favor you in the end when it comes to showing you more prominently on local or map results.

Collect Reviews

Gather reviews if you want to rank higher in both map and search results. Reviews serve as real-world indicators of what people consider a company and are important in getting a local ranking. Additionally, they serve as social proof to potential customers. To work with your company. The most effective method to gather reviews is to solicit reviews. Find customers that have been happy with your service or product. To facilitate collecting reviews, create an email template; however, make sure to personalize the email as much as possible before sending it!

Respond to Reviews

No matter how good or poor (and particularly bad), Make sure to respond to every review so that your customers know you’re committed to their experience and your company. This can help other customers gain confidence in your brand. Thank customers for their purchase and acknowledge them when they leave positive reviews because it indicates a level of commitment at the post-purchase phase.

Additionally, you can take your reviews as a chance to improve your business. Learn what customers appreciate and do not like, and then improve on it. Reviews provide valuable information to businesses.

Check if your business is up-to-date with a current and well-organized Google My Business page. If you’ve never put in the effort to develop and optimize your page, you’re missing one of the most effective free methods of appearing in Google results. It’s also extremely flexible and can be modified whenever needed to reflect the changes in the day-to-day. It only takes the time and expertise to optimize your site, and make sure you take the time to do it. The benefits could be evident immediately.